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Equinox to Winter Solstice Song Facilitation Group

Learning to Hold Musical Space for Transformation

Thursdays in Marin from 6:30-9pm 

Limited to 6 female-identified folks

3 Daylong Retreats, 9 Evening Groups,

Weekly individualized phone sessions 

3 in person sessions over 4 months

Support in creating your own groups

Daylongs:  October 13, Nov 24, Dec 15


Sept: 26     Oct- 10, 17, 31     Nov- 7, 21     Dec- 5, 12, 19 


You understand the importance music plays on transformational growth, and your spirit sings at the thought of holding this space for others. You don't have to be a musical genius to hold this space- moreso someone who cultivates themselves in an open, accepting, and loving way to create the container for transformation in others to occur. But being a facilitator of song also means having the abilities to create a safe musical container, which means understanding the basic music fundamentals of rhythm, ear training, song sharing, improvisation, prayer, and self-directed study so that your students feel safe to open up and share, knowing that you're holding them. 

Ready to dive in?

- Rhythm + ear + harmonizing training

- Spaceholding and energy work

- Learning the basics around music theory / reading music / teaching song

- Create your own singing groups and get personalized feedback and mentoring with Lauren to hone and sharpen your skills.

- Cultivating space for all people to feel safe in your circles

- Learn how to be an engaging song leader

- Understand the depth of improv and how to hold improvisational space

- Deepen into your own discernment around songs + cultural appropriation

- Explore your own lineage regarding song

- Improve on your own songwriting and learn how to open your own creative channels as well as holding space for others to do the same

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*It is important for those interested to have a background (past or recent) in musical training, either with Lauren, another teacher, or self-taught. Please consult Lauren if this group sings to you but you’re not sure if you’re a fit.*

To schedule an interview and learn about pricing, please click here.

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