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Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice - All Women Welcome!

Tuesdays in Fairfax/ Lagunitas, Marin from 6:30-9pm, 

11 Evening Sessions - 2 Daylong Retreats - 1 Showcase

Daylong Retreats Sept 22 + Dec 8

Solstice Showcase Saturday Dec 21st at 1pm

(Updated dates for Thanksgiving)

Sept: 24     Oct- 1, 8, 15, 29     Nov- 5, 12, 19    Dec- 3, 10, 17

For pricing and more info, please contact Lauren for an interview by clicking here

Join Lauren and friends between the Fall Equinox & Winter Solstice in song, community and support. Open your beautiful hearts as a sisterhood to weave harmonies, play, and create a supportive environment to harvest the fruits of your voice. This group is open to all female-identified folks of varying vocal abilities to create a cohesive choir to share song with each other and the public! This group will culminate in one final Solstice Showcase as well as optional smaller performances for institutionalized folks through a beautiful Marin-based nonprofit. 


This group will have three primary focuses: learning songs, harmonizing, and technique.


From 6:30-7 Lauren will hold a Vocal Lab space including (but not limited to): ear training, rhythm exploration, breath technique and more. If you have more technical questions about singing, this would be the space to learn about how to operate your voice in a more instructed way!


From 7-9 Lauren will focus on teaching songs with a foundation in cultural respect and humility and harmonizing along with learning the basics of reading sheet music (though most songs will be taught by ear) with some exploration in improvising all while inviting in the freedom of expression to help open your voice and clear any blockages. Lots of fun ensues! This is not your typical ‘stuffy’ choir! 

This is what last some of year’s 2018 Fall Choir participants had to say:



Lauren is a master facilitator and songstress. She holds space with grace and helps women process whatever comes up for them around using their voice, being heard, or just moving through whatever life brings them through singing. If you want to feel held in community through the joy of music, there’s no one I’d recommend more than Lauren and her thoughtfully crafted singing groups!!!! -Louise


With her joy and love for singing, Lauren is a singing songstress sorceress! She is a midwife of the voice and being part of her choir has been one of the most uplifting experience I’ve ever had!  -Minouche 


Lauren's class gave me a framework that enormously empowered my own thresh-hold for creative expression. I've carried fears/anxiety around my voice for pretty much my entire life, and singing with her group gave me an opportunity to develop technical improvements while also gaining experience with singing and harmonizing with a group. -Isis


I joined the Fall Choir with two main goals: to sing with less fear and to sing on key. Throughout my time in the choir I noticed that I was able to sing loudly even if I didn’t sound as good as I expected and was able to let my self judgement sh*t go which was an incredible gift! I didn’t expect the songs to move me as much as they did, and the showcase at the end was a lot more fun than expected. I also learned that I have a much higher voice than expected, and that I can sing in front of a group of people which is HUGE for me. Thank you!  -Katharine 


I loved singing with Lauren because it is about being free and creating a willingness to get messy and to throw away the confines of perfectionism.  I also felt a deep sense of awareness from Lauren as a facilitator which supported the creation of a safe space and a feeling that she was paying attention to you and your unique needs in the midst of also doing this for 20 other woman.  I am so happy that people like Lauren have gone through their own personal transformation so others can be inspired to do the same.    -Katie Owens


It is Lauren's gift to hold space for others to open, blossom and touch a deeper place within their being. It was a three hour round trip for me to have this experience and it was 100% worth it every time. I am honored and grateful for all the inspiration I absorbed in Lauren's songbird choir.  -Christianna K

For pricing and more info, please contact Lauren for an interview by clicking here

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