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HeartBEAT: 3 Month Rhythm Immersion for Women

New dates requested by demand!

Friday Evening Groups: March 29 / April 5, 12, 26 from 6-9pm in San Rafael

Daylong Retreat + Cacao Ceremony: May 5th 11-5pm in Sebastopol

For pricing and more info, please contact Lauren for an interview by clicking here

A few work trade options are available.

The Goddess speaks in many languages, but her Mother Tongue is Rhythm. Most don’t even know that Women were the first drummers. Since 5600 BCE Women have been at the center of creating rhythm and trance through the heartbeat of the drum. 


Weaving deep musical theory, rhythmic training, interactive vocal training, body percussion, understanding the historical significance Women have played in rhythm and awareness of the natural cycles of life, Lauren and Ila will lead you into the beat of your own inner drummer to harmoniously dance with the rhythms of life.



  • Learn how to keep time and understand musical rhythm 

  • Embody creative rhythmic patterns 

  • Experience connection to source through Trance-inducing group percussion

  • Understand the historical significance Women have played in rhythm throughout time

  • Explore singing and drumming (at the same time!)

  • Develop coordination through movement 

  • Dive into body percussion

  • Gain a deeper understanding of circadian rhythm and how it applies to your health

  • Honor the different polyrhythms of the seasons, months, weeks and days

For pricing and more info, please contact Lauren for an interview by clicking here

Note: You do *not* need a drum to participate in this group, but if you have one bring it! We will also be utilizing body percussion and shakers.

About Your Instructors

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Lauren has been gleefully helping women remember their innate ability to sing, embrace their natural connection to song, and clearing the pathways to improvise. She has worked with thousands of women for over 6 years, traveling, teaching, performing, and having her own private practice in Marin County. She has created groups that dive into all areas of creativity and vocal healing like Reclaim Your Voice, Shake Up Your Shakti, Bloom into Song, The Soulful Singing Sisterhood, Ukuladies, and more. As a young'in, her father taught her how to play percussion and played in band throughout middle school, landing in Honors Band Percussion. 

She has trained with Guillermo Martinez in learning how to make hand drums, and has created Sisters at the Drum with Amara Lehualani. Lauren has drummed for Sobonfu Some inspired grief rituals led by Maria Owl Gutierrez, and Briony Greenhill. 

For more information and testimonials on her work, visit 

Ila has been teaching music worldwide in institutions (Stanford, Frank Sinatra High School), workshop settings, and privately for over 17 years. Growing up in NY, she had access to study with some of the most legendary musicians (John Scofield, John Abercrombie) and became highly trained in jazz, playing professionally by the time she graduated high school. Ila has published 4 albums and multiple singles of original music and has toured extensively in the US, UK, and Europe with her own bands and as a side(womb)man (Aaron Parks, Marcus Shelby). She’s also composed music for short films and documentaries, multi-media performances, and has been awarded multiple grants (Van Meir Fellowships, Open Arts Foundation) and commissions (Maginus Project) for composing. 

Ila’s teaching style is passionate, distinct, and uniquely developed with care over the years. She believes that all of us have an inherent connection with the language of music, and by understanding concepts intellectually as well as training coordination skills physically, we can unlock the unlimited potential to sing and play any of our hearts’ desires.

For more info, visit or

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