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Details for the weekend playshop in Berkeley!

Sat, Oct 21 11 am - 5 pm: Max. 20 people, $120-$220 (Sliding Scale), Worktrade options available
Sun, Oct 22 11 am - 5 pm: Max 6 people, $250 (Must also attend Saturday), Workstrade options available

Do you desire to play, sing, and pray while igniting and fine tuning your inner songstress/songster? Come join Lauren & Alexander for "THE LIBERATED VOICE!” weekend Playshop at HeartSource in Berkeley, CA.

We all have an innate gift of expressing through sound, but many of us may rub up against blocks either emotionally or physically when we sing. All of this can be cleared! And of course if you have broken through these barriers and just LOVE singing, we would LOVE you to join us and hold the space for other people navigating and coming into their voice.

Together, Lauren & Alexander hold a joyous space to deepen your understanding of both how the voice works on a mechanical level and the energetic blocks that may keep you from fully expressing. The intention of this weekend is to give you an experience of your capacity to freely express through singing. You’ll receive tools, exercises, emotional & spiritual coaching for opening to your authentic voice.

Saturday will be devoted to creating a safe environment for us to singing into, to share of our hearts and begin the process of putting down the blocks and armor that keeps us feeling constricted around our voice. This will include groups singing, playful embodiment exercises, Chi Gong and vocal pedagogy teachings, as well as time to share and be held in your personal experiences.

Sunday will be a deeper diver and limited to only 6 participants. The day will be dedicated to personal coaching aimed at supporting transformation of personal beliefs about your voice while giving you practical tools to liberate your authentic expression.

Pricing structure for the Playshop:
Saturday: $110 - $220 Sliding scale
Saturday + Sunday : $360 - $470 Sliding scale
(This ticket will pay for your deposit for the group *only*, please bring the remainder in cash the day of the group. If cash isn't possible, contact Lauren to set up an alternative payment.)

POC Scholarships Available. Please reach out to Lauren or Alex for details

Please contact Lauren or Alex for information regarding worktrade. And if you can't make this playshop, we will be doing another intro evening in Fairfax.

Lauren Arrow, creator of ProcessSING, has been weaving vocal healing and song circles publicly for thousands of women internationally over the last 4 years. After not being able to sing or express herself for over a decade but having the deep desire to sing, she created her own healing path to become liberated in her voice and now holds the space specifically for women to remember their own unique sense of self-expression. She leads year-long mentorship groups, Ukulady Groups, as well as Reclaim Your Voice and Shake Up Your Shakti workshops. or for more information on her music & groups!

Alexander brings his 15 years of operatic study to share with you, skillfully weaving in his playfulness and precision to support you in expanding your awareness of the pedagogy, or science of singing. Alexander loves to watch people awaken to the power and beauty of their voices with his easy to learn exercises and enthusiastic coaching. Alexander also brings with him the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a cross-cultural shamanic lineage from Peru. Initiated in the art of altar tending, he weaves into the room the unseen forces of creation to support us in the profound work of liberating our voices, shedding off the layers of fear and shame, and remembering the joy of singing. Check out his newest musical co-creation of ceremonial music at

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