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Voice - Ukulele - Guitar - Percussion - Composition - Piano

If you're looking for someone who will nail theory and perfection into your head, Lauren isn't your gal. She understands the importance of setting a strong musical foundation, and also believes in the souls natural intuition to understand the language of music. Let Lauren gently & patiently guide you into speaking that language with joy and confidence. 

Working with Lauren over the past year and a half, I have learned to play a stringed instrument which I really wanted for a long time but found daunting. I have gone from very beginner to writing my own songs and sharing in public and I've made so many discoveries about myself in the process. I have become more comfortable singing and experimenting with others and continue to discover how my voice wants to emerge. I am relaxing my perfectionist and increasing my capacity for play in this sometimes very vulnerable form of expression.


I appreciate her authentic expression and the safe and supportive space she holds for women to sing and express. Much needed!

-K.M., Reclaim Your Voice + Shake It Up 2017

It is very difficult for me to sum up my experience of working with Lauren in a simple testimonial. I went from being completely shut down in my voice and not even being able to sing the first verse of a song for my best friend without crying, to playing the uke and performing at open-mics. I have even been being asked to co-lead women's circles and other rituals because of my new-found musicality! But Lauren's teachings are about so much more than music. They are about the big, beautiful, messy, and worthwhile business of being a spirit in human form. She lovingly coaxes and artfully guides us to unfurl our wings and reclaim our voices because when we share our songs, the whole world soars!

-Sundew, Reclaim Your Voice + Bloom Into Song

My ukulele has become a portal: to playing the folk songs of my childhood, to singing the feelings I can’t otherwise express, to connecting with spirit. I never would have picked up the instrument if it wasn’t for the safe, loving, joyous container that is Bloom Into Song. Lauren took us on a journey, supporting us as we learned to quiet the voices of self-criticism and stage fright that we carried with us our whole lives. The sisterhood was powerful, the music was divine, and the experience profoundly changed my relationship with my voice and with music. 


- Peaches, Bloom into Song 2019

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