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Authenticity: the hallmark of a heart-centered performer

The audience doesn't want to see perfection, they want to feel your souls expression. Performing is all about connection, vulnerability, and showing up exactly as you are. Often as performers, we either have an inflated ego or a deflated ego. Learn how to explore the voice of the super-ego and embrace your inner child who wants to share.

"Lauren is a skilled and sensitive coach and guide, who has obviously found her true calling with this work. I am a singer who has been actively performing for years, and Lauren was able to help me hone in on some very specific blocks that I have been working with. I would highly recommend her services no matter where you are in your journey around self expression."


"Lauren knows exactly where everyone is at and picks them up right there. She is a gifted teacher and full of love and compassion. She has a full toolbox that will help anybody open up their voice and tap into their creativity. I have been working with her for the past year and I have gone from never playing the ukulele to recording my first album right now. While I like doing things fast, this is still pretty fast for me.  Thanks for Lauren for being such a gifted and enabling teacher!"



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