No two processSING sessions are alike. Lauren uses a combination of intuition and healing training to explore what energy is needed to move. Whether it is fear of being seen/heard, past trauma related to expression, stuck emotional and energetic blockages, etc, Lauren uses her gifts to help explore and release the energy using movement and voice. Contact to schedule individual work.


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"It is a rare opportunity to meet someone as present and gifted as Lauren. I needed to clear emotional blockages in my energy. She helped me to explore voice, movement and facilitated a deeper connection to myself by holding really present and powerful space for me and with me. I now know who i can go to for deeper integrative work in my creative process. Thank you Lauren, you rock!"

-Mymuna Damore

"Time with Lauren Arrow isn't just a 'singing lesson', it is true vocal awakening!! In fact, for me, it has been Soul awakening, remembering and reclaiming all the parts of me that make up my true Self, full power, and unique offering in the world! From the very first session, Lauren created a very clear, loving, and sacred container for us to work, and for my voice to finally feel the safety it needed to come out and sing. Whether playing sacred instruments, guiding me through mediations and visualizations, or interviewing the different parts of my voice, Lauren exhibited the perfect balance of fierce compassion and gentle, authentic listening. Through our work together, I have released the notion of having a 'pretty' or 'perfect' voice, and instead reclaimed MY voice…which is loud, dark, full of stories, my ancestors, and noises from the depths of places I didn't know existed; And I've only just begun…  I truly cannot wait to see what awaits me on this joyous, playful, and yet totally scary and raw journey of finding my voice. And I couldn't imagine having anyone other than Lauren be my guide!"


-Sarah G.