Winter 2021 Online Intensive

Social DistanSING Wednesdays starting Jan 20 6:00pm - 8:30pm, Limited to 8 Women



Wednesday Evenings in January 20, 27
February: 3, 10, 17, 24

March: 3, 10

+ and 6 private sessions +

For Women / Female-Identified Folx

You want to share your voice, but you find yourself holding back time after time. Fears around judgement, criticism, and the belief of a lack of ability keep you silent. But all your heart wants is to feel comfortable SINGING (or even just speaking)!


I TOTALLY get it. I used to be suuuuper scared to share my voice with others- speaking or otherwise. And if you asked me to sing? NO WAY!!! My throat would close up, my body would shake, and if any noise came out at all it was tense and constricted. For a long time I just thought that was the way I was... but it's not true!!! We can all be liberated in our voice through connecting to the present moment time and time again, allowing the energy to flow, and processSING old stuck emotional energy that may be holding us back. 


8 Online Groups + 6 One-On-One Private Sessions + Weekly Home Explorations

Reclaim Your Voice is a group that holds you exactly where you are in the moment and allows you to process what is coming up in terms of being seen and heard. We find, over time, that the process of sharing our voice becomes easier the more we clear the old gunk getting in the way. This group can bring up *everything*, but it can also liberate you and free your being in a way I've only seen singing to do.


In this group we will:


  • Use sound and song as a way to move stuck energy & emotions

  • Understand the mechanics of our voice to sing with safety

  • Gain confidence singing in front of others and relax into being seen & heard

  • Be held in a safe, loving container of folks who are on the same path as us

  • Explore the energy of 'stage fright' and transform constriction to expansion


In addition to the 8 groups, I also include 6 one-on-one sessions with me to deeper integrate this transformation. We will meet at least once before the group starts, 4 times during the 2 months, and once after.


If this sounds like something that makes your heart sing, please contact me to schedule a Reclaim Your Voice  interview by clicking here. I am filled with gratitude to be offering these groups for the past 6 years.


This is what last sessions participants had to say about their experience:

Reclaim Your Voice changed my life. I connected with deep inner wounds and learned how to heal them: with heart medicine. Lauren showed me how to be more intuitive and helped me in the process of giving myself permission to be loud and speak my truth. The way Lauren holds the space is magical: you feel safe and loved. You're taught how to love and honor yourself more. You're reminded how beautiful your voice is. Lauren is such a loving, caring and knowledgeable teacher - I'm so thankful our paths have crossed. I can't wait to sing with her again <3

- Meryl, Reclaim Your Voice 2019

I auspiciously came into contact with Lauren just in time to participate in Reclaim Your Voice. I experienced tremendous transformation as a singer and a human being. Lauren is a liberator and is so naturally and divinely in tune with herself and her circle. She allowed me to explore, experiment and go into the places that scared me the most. I learned a lot about my voice, myself, and others. The effect ripples out- the throat chakra opens, conversations happen, energy flows. I say from my heart that Lauren is a gift to all she meets. You would be so lucky to have the opportunity to sing with her. 

- Maddie, Reclaim Your Voice 2019


We don’t always know what we will receive when making a commitment, but trust and believe that Lauren will guide you through it. I can honestly say that my experience in the group opened me up not only to singing for joy, but to expressing my truth, to letting go of fear in difficult conversations, and to trusting both my creative and professional instincts. The class facilitated a very deep group experience for me, and catalyzed a much needed change of direction. 

- Masha, Reclaim Your Voice 2019

Lauren’s highly intuitive guidance met me where I was and helped me push my boundaries in an amazingly supportive container. I’m far more confident in my voice and my ability to keep opening, to trust that beauty will unfold. 

- Emily, Reclaim Your Voice 2019

Lauren's RYV workshop is an empowering journey toward self acceptance both vocally and beyond. I'd strongly recommend it to anyone looking to strengthen their understanding of their unique gifts and connect deeply with others on this journey.

- Tova, Reclaim Your Voice 2019

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“... profoundly transformative ...deeply meaningful event if my life and evoked major and lasting shifts...I have finally broken the barriers to being self-loving and am much more in touch with my creativity; I am filled with overwhelming gratitude for Lauren and the magical groups she offers.” -Erin R.


“...I reclaimed MY powerful ancestral voice!... I reclaimed part of my soul with Lauren’s strength and compassion...” -Tamara L.