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You don't have to live locally to work with Lauren! She offers one-hour Skype sessions that can assist you with all of your ProcessSING needs: vocal guidance, performance coaching and music lessons can all be achieved through the marvels of modern day technology.

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"My ukulele and singing lessons with Lauren have been one of the absolute highlights of my year.  I have been wanting to learn how to play the guitar for most of my life, but because I live in a different state than Lauren, I was hesitant to do sessions over Skype or Facetime because I haven’t been able to learn well online for anything else.  I met her in person and was sooo drawn to her energy and how accessible learning to play seemed to be in such a short time.  But I spent a year after our meeting trying out several local guitar teachers in Portland, Oregon, and all of them made this seem like a highly complex undertaking, and none really understood or resonated with my musical style.  I left each one never motivated to continue to practice after a lesson.  I almost gave up but decided I’d give a few lessons with Lauren a shot, despite our distance.

Nine months later, what’s happened has been beyond my dreams and brought so much joy to my days.  I’m now playing and singing songs daily and I’m enjoying it so much, and getting to express creative and wild and sweet parts of myself that my soul has been longing to for a very long time. From the start I’ve felt unbelievably comfortable with Lauren and have been able to relax into letting her intuitively guide each session based on what my energy is bringing to it, which sometimes is playful and other times takes me into deep and vulnerable places.  These sessions have been healing for me on every level.

These last few months with Lauren have been absolute magic and our work together has been hugely influential in helping me develop into the person I’ve always wanted to be.  I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!!!"

Yaeli, Online Uke + Voice Guidance 2019

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