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Play! Sing! LEt yourself be nourished and held to ring in 2016. Create magic to set your clear intentions for this new year. Embrace your creative, wild, authentic self in community with others! Can't wait to SING with you!

Limited space available. Some work trade options. Lunch & accomodations will be provided in a shared space. Limited private rooms available.

Set The Stage for 2016!

Question: What are we gonna do?

Answer: Great question! We will come together in ritual and community to set our intentions for 2016 through singing, dancing, praying, creating, processing, and burning away all that isn't serving us so we can step fully into our most alive selves.


Question: How will the 3 days be set up?

Answer: I am a firm believer in improvisation, but here is a (very general) plan: we will meet together starting at 10am on Thursday, December 31st. Lunch will be served in the afternoon. After singing and deepening in intention setting we will take time to rest and resume our group at 5pm. From this point, we will explore what we are wanting to let go of and release for this New Year. We will explore the shadow, and from the dark we move into the light. Our ritual will go late into the night, celebrating the mark of January 1st at Midnight with dance, food, and (you guessed it) more song. You will have the option of staying at the house in a shared sleeping space or you can meet us in the morning of the 1st at 11am for a potluck brunch. We will spend time in nature, meditating, and setting our dreams solid for the year. A late lunch will be provided and we will end around 6pm. On the 2nd we will meet again at 10AM for our closing integration, singing, creating, games, and a day of heart opening play. Lunch will be served and we will close our circle at 6pm. 


Question: Is food provided?

Answer: Partially! We will provide lunch on all days, but you are in charge of breakfast/dinner. There will be space in the kitchen to bring and cook food. There are great restaurants in walking distance of the property. You will be in charge of bringing food for a potluck brunch on the morning of the 1st.


Questions: What are the sleeping accomodations like?

Answer: There are many public rooms available for sleeping but you are in charge of your own nest. For an additional fee, a few private rooms are available. 


Question: Are there spaces open for work trade?

Answer: Yes, there are minimal spaces open for work trade or partial scholorship. Please contact me for details. 


Question: Do I have to be present for the full 3 days?

Answer: YEP! We are creating a tight container for transformation.


Question: Will we be celebrating with alchohol for the New Years?

Answer: My first inclination is to say "no", but I am open if people want to have a little champaigne. We are moving towards celebrating in full openness without the need of substances :)

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