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Unfurl Into Sisterhood Through Song

Summer Solstice - Fall Equinox Monthly Women's* Singing Retreat

June 25/26/27 (full moon)
July 23/24/25 (full moon)
August 13/14/15


Gather with likeminded women to sing, create, play, pray, improvise, and slowly re-emerge back into being with eachother


3 monthly singing retreats in the Bay Area limited to 13 self-identified women

Potlucks, overnights, camping, spaciousness, nature connection

Listening to what wants to be sung and creating Magick together

If I've learned anything from 2020, it's that the things I take most for granted- harmonizing, creating with others, playing, praying, eating, cuddle puddles, and connection- are crucial for my heart to feel happy, healthy and full. Let's slowly unfurl our wings together in a generous, safe, loving and playful environment to help integrate the wisdom of last year into what we're wanting to create moving forward... and sing, sing, sing!


  • Exploring improvisation and channeling in an open-hearted environment, giving space for all feelings and sensations to be acknowledged


  • Finding joy and play through co-creating songs in groups and allowing the muse to express itself


  • Utilizing "Integrous Song Sharing" and being exquisitely aware and respectful of the songs we are singing and sharing, understanding the tenants of cultural appropriation. Listening to the earth and receiving wisdom and songs to share


  • Connecting through harmony, cuddles, games, potlucks, song sharing circles and open space


  • Gaining insight towards utilizing sound as a means of healing the self and learning to move energy or emotion on your own through sound and vibration

Logistics: we will be on our retreat land, Joy Hill, in beautiful Occidental, 1 hour from Marin, 20 minutes from Sebastopol and 10 minutes from the ocean. Each weekend we will have a theme of connecting to the earth- either through venturing to the river, beach, or redwoods. We slowly open our bodies back into being in connection with each other in a slow and safe way with strong COVID protocols. 

Our portal is open from Friday late afternoon - Sunday late afternoon. We have camping spots on the land as well as ample places for car camping, and spaces to sleep inside as well. If you prefer to go home during the evening you are welcome to take care of yourself as you need. Everything is consent-based: if you need to take a break from the group, you are invited to do so! My intention is to create a strong but flexible container. Don't want to go to the beach? Feel free to hang at Joy Hill instead.

COVID: I have been vaccinated for months and am enjoying the 5G network coursing through my veins. Being able to order a pizza just by thinking about it feels like a super power and I finally have arm space to stick extra fridge magnets! But in all seriousness, this is a vaccine-friendly space. For those who have not gotten the vaccine we require you test 4 days prior to the retreat and you will be required to pay $40 for an Ellume rapid test that I will administer to you the day of. In this last group each participant had a name tag that shared vaccination status and openness to hugs. We will be singing inside and outside throughout the weekend.

Food will be done potluck style unless the majority of participants want catered meals. In that case there will be an additional charge for the weekends. 

Movement, stretching, nature connection, flower baths and other activities will be added as Summer of Song continues to take form.

California, as we all know, is entering into a pretty intense fire season. Fortunately, the land we are on has not been in fire danger although a couple years ago the smoke got really bad and folks had to evacuate. In the chance that there is a fire during one of our weekend retreats that impacts the land we are on we will exercise flow and flexibility to find a less impacted spot, or reschedule the weekend. We are fortunate to be so close to the ocean and get a lot of the breeze that comes from it. 

This group is for those who self-identify as a woman.

If this sounds like something that makes your heart sing, please contact me to schedule an interview by clicking here to make sure this group is a good fit for you! We will chat about pricing and answer any questions during this interview. I am filled with gratitude to be offering these groups for the past 8 years.



"It is very difficult for me to sum up my experience of working with Lauren in a simple testimonial. I went from being completely shut down in my voice and not even being able to sing the first verse of a song for my best friend without crying, to playing the uke and performing at open-mics. I have even been being asked to co-lead women's circles and other rituals because of my new-found musicality! But Lauren's teachings are about so much more than music. They are about the big, beautiful, messy, and worthwhile business of being a spirit in human form. She lovingly coaxes and artfully guides us to unfurl our wings and reclaim our voices because when we share our songs, the whole world soars!"


“... profoundly transformative ...deeply meaningful event if my life and evoked major and lasting shifts...I have finally broken the barriers to being self-loving and am much more in touch with my creativity; I am filled with overwhelming gratitude for Lauren and the magical groups she offers.” -Erin R. 



"Lauren is a gifted facilitator in the sound, healing arts, and song. I came to Lauren to work on a wound with my music. After working with Lauren I have discovered more confidence and ability to channel my thoughts, emotions, and surroundings into sound. I have been touched and inspired by my work with Lauren to find rhythm and rhyme ever where I go, to start musical improv with friends and to not be afraid of it sounding perfect. The gift I have taken away is resilience and imagination within song sketching, writing, and creation."


“...I reclaimed MY powerful ancestral voice!... I reclaimed part of my soul with Lauren’s strength and compassion...” -Tamara L.

Click here for more testimonials!

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