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When I started working with Lauren, I was terrified to share my voice. I believed if I sang in a vulnerable and authentic way in front of people, they would not like me or want to be my friend! I had a strong desire to grow and share more as a singer and musician, but the fear was holding me back. I needed support working through emotional barriers to sharing my voice. After working with Lauren, I am singing in open mics, writing music, and growing creatively beyond my wildest dreams! This process has literally changed my life.

Lauren's approach is not like any vocal teacher you will experience. She creates a warm, loving, inclusive and trauma informed approach to create safety allowing creativity to grow despite worry and fear. She has taught me methods to understand and incorporate my fears, breaking down the walls that block my inner artist. Her circles and group experiences are fun, playful, heart opening, and deeply spiritual. Thank you, Lauren for all you do!!!

- Karena, MFT, Reclaim Your Voice 2022, Bloom Into Song 2022 + 23, Harvest 2022 + 23

"Working with Lauren to learn baritone ukulele and explore my voice has been a rewarding journey and profound gift. From the first moment we met on Zoom, she exuded such a genuine warmth that I felt an immediate sense of ease in sharing my deep vulnerability around my voice. From then on, most sessions included at least a few moments of Lauren gently catching my tears and guiding me toward transforming them into music.  Through her steady and sincere encouragement, I uncovered a previously untapped power and genuine quality in my voice that is still compelling me toward more learning and exploration. I truly enjoyed our time working together, and reflecting back on the first lesson, I actually can't believe how much I learned in such a short amount of time. Lauren is more than a "music teacher", she is a gifted creativity midwife and a gem of a human being."  

-Andrea W, Vocal Mentorship Student

I just wanted to say a huge huge thank you for this retreat weekend. I feel like I've remembered all of the joys of music with out any of the traumas that come along with old school classical training. I also really admire you as a teacher. I've never met a musician/music teacher who is so gentle and loving of whatever comes out of the voice box as you. It's a new type of liberation I didn't know I needed, but now that I have it, it feels like FREEDOM. Thank you thank you thank you.

- Selysa, Equinox Retreat 2023

Working with Lauren is like arriving home to wholehearted love, divine flow, and deep presence. In her seamless facilitation, I am invited to listen and express my soul song. During the weekend Equinox retreat, I felt welcomed and included and loved. It was pure joy. I am rewoven into the healing of my heart-voice. 
-Meredith Heller, poet & educator, Equinox Retreat 2023


She could teach a rock to sing!!!!
Lauren has been an extraordinary blessing to me. Her patience, skill and deep intuition coaxed the singer out of me and helped me to fall in love with my own voice. Her skill at helping me work through blocks and challenges was extraordinary; no matter what the problem was she found a way of breaking it down into smaller parts that we conquered one by one. She helped me to find my range and helped me begin to unlock the deep and lovely places inside I had kept in a cage. She helped me connect my heart with my voice so that my song could be an expression of love. And I look forward to so much more learning with you. Thank you Lauren for the deep and powerful gift you are to me.

-Tim, MFT, Vocal Mentorship


Working with The Voice Witch Lauren was an incredible - and life changing - experience.  Neither of us knew what we were saying yes to at the beginning, yet the night before my first session I had a crazy dream.  In the dream I was pulling fistfulls of thick, taffy-like neon green phlegm out of my throat.  Within our first two sessions, we headed gingerly into trauma healing territory.  We ended up ditching scales to simply allow the 4-year old inside of me to sing what she needed to about the abuse and neglect she experienced - all of which had shutdown my voice.  Lauren was incredibly patient and compassionate, allowing Little Dena to go at the pace that worked for her as the trauma was released.  My work with Lauren over 18 months became a co-created "trauma musical" experience where Little Lauren and Little Dena sang to each other, Little Dena shaking her rattle and her body.  Better than any talk therapy and the compassionate journey ALL of me needed!  As the little girl inside of me reclaimed her safety and voice, I have truly found my singing voice.  Lauren's gift trinity: 1) Present in the moment; 2) hold loving and compassionate space for all; 3) Amazing & talented voice teacher.

-Dena, Vocal Mentorship + Love of Song 2023


Since working with Lauren, learning to play the baritone Ukulele, open my voice and starting to compose my own songs, my musical understanding and growth has developed much faster that I ever imagined. 

Every lesson, I learn something new while feeling beautifully encouraged in the progress I'm making. At the same time, I appreciate Lauren's attention to detail and clarity in correcting mistakes in ways that I can actually integrate and use. 

Working with Lauren, I notice that the insidious childhood conditioning that suppressed my musical inclinations are wearing away. Recently, I took the step of sharing some of the songs I've been learning in a few group gatherings, which were well received. That for me, was a miracle, which I attribute to Lauren's exceptional guidance. 

-Thanissara, Dharma Teacher & Author, Vocal Mentorship


Working with Lauren was truly life changing. At the end of our class I was able to sing in public more confidently, but honestly, that wasn’t the most important part of what I got out of the class. That was like a side effect of this much grander thing. I learned to love myself more. I learned to let my little one inside play and be silly. I remembered how much I love being spontaneous and outrageous with other people who love to do the same. I learned to let my joy and love and passion start to flow again. Singing is important. But letting myself just feel myself again changed me in ALL areas of my life. I feel more connected to myself and I’m really falling in love with myself and I KNOW that all of this started with Lauren’s class. Highly recommend. 

-Alyson, LMFT, Reclaim Your Voice 2023

I was just reflecting on our time together and I want to thank you so, so much!  My voice has opened more than I ever thought possible and I’ve uncovered a part of myself I didn’t know existed through song writing.  I’m so grateful for your guidance and inspiration to turn my thoughts and prayers into song.  Thank you, thank you!!!

- Emily, Vocal Mentorship Intensive

Lauren is a gifted facilitator, listening to the energy of a group and bringing her own too as a gentle and solid leader. She's tuned in to people's sensitivities and strengths and encourages the evolution of those strengths when they seem ready. Her voice, too, is a joy to hear, singing with her is an inspiration.

- Zanna, Fall into Song

Lauren’s professionalism and reverence for the power of the voice creates a container of safety that allows such a deep and healing connection to self. Her warmth and playfulness invite the experience of healing connection to others by mirroring and holding your voice with hers. She is a born healer and delightful human to behold.

- BT, psychologist, Summer of Song


I loved singing with Lauren because it is about being free and creating a willingness to get messy and to throw away the confines of perfectionism.  I also felt a deep sense of awareness from Lauren as a facilitator which supported the creation of a safe space and a feeling that she was paying attention to you and your unique needs in the midst of also doing this for 20 other woman.  I am so happy that people like Lauren have gone through their own personal transformation so others can be inspired to do the same.   
- Katie Owens, Songbird Choir


-It is Lauren's gift to hold space for others to open, blossom and touch a deeper place within their being. It was a three hour round trip for me to have this experience and it was 100% worth it every time. I am honored and grateful for all the inspiration I absorbed in Lauren's songbird choir. 

Christianna K, Songbird Choir


Lauren has been such a safe space for me to explore opening and honing my voice.  She is an incredible, encouraging guide in my journey of falling in love with music again and feeling held so that I can express myself through song!! I have never found another music teacher who even comes close to Lauren in this ability.  I went from not singing in front of anyone to coming out with my own album, and I could not have done it without Lauren’s expertise and support.  Thank you Lauren !! I am a forever fan and I am in deep gratitude that we crossed paths when we did.

-Melanie Berman, For The Love of Song, Bloom into Song


Reclaim Your Voice changed my life. I connected with deep inner wounds and learned how to heal them: with heart medicine. Lauren showed me how to be more intuitive and helped me in the process of giving myself permission to be loud and speak my truth. The way Lauren holds the space is magical: you feel safe and loved. You're taught how to love and honor yourself more. You're reminded how beautiful your voice is. Lauren is such a loving, caring and knowledgeable teacher - I'm so thankful our paths have crossed. I can't wait to sing with her again <3

- Meryl, Reclaim Your Voice

I auspiciously came into contact with Lauren just in time to participate in Reclaim Your Voice. I experienced tremendous transformation as a singer and a human being. Lauren is a liberator and is so naturally and divinely in tune with herself and her circle. She allowed me to explore, experiment and go into the places that scared me the most. I learned a lot about my voice, myself, and others. The effect ripples out- the throat chakra opens, conversations happen, energy flows. I say from my heart that Lauren is a gift to all she meets. You would be so lucky to have the opportunity to sing with her. 

- Maddie, Reclaim Your Voice


We don’t always know what we will receive when making a commitment, but trust and believe that Lauren will guide you through it. I can honestly say that my experience in the group opened me up not only to singing for joy, but to expressing my truth, to letting go of fear in difficult conversations, and to trusting both my creative and professional instincts. The class facilitated a very deep group experience for me, and catalyzed a much needed change of direction. 

- Masha, Reclaim Your Voice

Lauren’s highly intuitive guidance met me where I was and helped me push my boundaries in an amazingly supportive container. I’m far more confident in my voice and my ability to keep opening, to trust that beauty will unfold. 

- Emily, Reclaim Your Voice

Lauren's RYV workshop is an empowering journey toward self acceptance both vocally and beyond. I'd strongly recommend it to anyone looking to strengthen their understanding of their unique gifts and connect deeply with others on this journey.

- Tova, Reclaim Your Voice

Lauren’s warmth, kindness, skill and versatility were all wonderful gifts to me but they were not the deepest gift. Her intuition about how to touch, draw out and bring to expression deep and unknown parts of me was extraordinary.  She worked very hard to shine light in the corners of my heart that fear to be seen—the deep, poignant, and painful parts of me that yearn to be known. She has a blessed gift. What words of gratitude can I offer to she who gives me me?

- Tim, One-on-one Vocal Guidance

My ukulele and singing lessons with Lauren have been one of the absolute highlights of my year.  I have been wanting to learn how to play the guitar for most of my life, but because I live in a different state than Lauren, I was hesitant to do sessions over Skype or Facetime because I haven’t been able to learn well online for anything else.  I met her in person and was sooo drawn to her energy and how accessible learning to play seemed to be in such a short time.  But I spent a year after our meeting trying out several local guitar teachers in Portland, Oregon, and all of them made this seem like a highly complex undertaking, and none really understood or resonated with my musical style.  I left each one never motivated to continue to practice after a lesson.  I almost gave up but decided I’d give a few lessons with Lauren a shot, despite our distance.

Nine months later, what’s happened has been beyond my dreams and brought so much joy to my days.  I’m now playing and singing medicine songs daily and I’m enjoying it so much, and getting to express creative and wild and sweet parts of myself that my soul has been longing to for a very long time. From the start I’ve felt unbelievably comfortable with Lauren and have been able to relax into letting her intuitively guide each session based on what my energy is bringing to it, which sometimes is playful and other times takes me into deep and vulnerable places.  These sessions have been healing for me on every level.

These last few months with Lauren have been absolute magic and our work together has been hugely influential in helping me develop into the person I’ve always wanted to be.  I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!!!

- Yaeli, Online Uke + Voice Guidance

Bloom into song and Lauren changed my life forever - I picked up a new outlet for my emotions, a new form of expression, and a way to bring people together. Lauren structures her lessons in such a way that music becomes accessible to everyone. By the end of our time together I could play all of my favorite songs and create my own! Through out the course, we learned to play and sing to the most healing, transformative music -  the whole world deserves to hear these songs! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her and cannot wait to continue to build upon this foundation and create create create more beauty, more love, more truth! 
- Carina, Bloom into Song

Thanks to YOU, I am in love singing and playing my ukey! She is my best friend!!! Thank you for being who you are and connecting women to their voices and their hearts, to themselves ✨💕🎶💕

- Katja, Bloom into Song


Lauren holds space with love and radical acceptance for whatever you bring to it. I got to be my messy, raw, authentic, honest, vulnerable, shut down, opened up, happy, sad, and joyful self. She lovingly challenged my edges and I left truly expanded. It’s a beautiful little tightly-knit container, and I can’t imagine doing this work with anyone else.


-Dianna Kane, Reclaim Your Voice 

Lauren is an earthmama goddess witchywitch of Love and Healing! She is a master at creating sacred space and welcoming in the Divine to come to you and through you. Reclaim Your Voice provided a container of safety, support, sisterhood, and inspiration from which I was able to dig deep into myself, find my truest truth, and share my voice. This is so much more than a class. The best advice I can give you is to just put yourself in the presence of Lauren and trust in her magic. 


-Karen Gordon, Reclaim Your Voice

It is very difficult for me to sum up my experience of working with Lauren in a simple testimonial. I went from being completely shut down in my voice and not even being able to sing the first verse of a song for my best friend without crying, to playing the uke and performing at open-mics. I have even been being asked to co-lead women's circles and other rituals because of my new-found musicality! But Lauren's teachings are about so much more than music. They are about the big, beautiful, messy, and worthwhile business of being a spirit in human form. She lovingly coaxes and artfully guides us to unfurl our wings and reclaim our voices because when we share our songs, the whole world soars!

-Sundew, Reclaim Your Voice + Bloom Into Song

My ukulele has become a portal: to playing the folk songs of my childhood, to singing the feelings I can’t otherwise express, to connecting with spirit. I never would have picked up the instrument if it wasn’t for the safe, loving, joyous container that is Bloom Into Song. Lauren took us on a journey, supporting us as we learned to quiet the voices of self-criticism and stage fright that we carried with us our whole lives. The sisterhood was powerful, the music was divine, and the experience profoundly changed my relationship with my voice and with music. 


- Peaches, Bloom into Song

Hi Lauren - I’ve been thinking about our session for days now- it was so massively potent. It was one of the deepest and most powerful healing sessions I’ve had.  I am filled with immense GRATITUDE for what you gave me.You bring a presence and openness to WHAT IS that is extremely rare, and I felt completely safe to let it all out with you.  I don’t say this lightly:  I’ve worked with many many people, and you have something that not many have.  In the day that followed, I felt light emerging from my throat at times.  Also physical twinges and adjustments in there.  I am convinced something shifted in my neck. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and soul for what you guided me to be with.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Monica, Reclaim Your Voice

Coming into to this group I came in as someone who doesn't consider myself a singer, I didn't know how to play ukulele, and I often don't feel like I fit in with groups. However, I had seen Lauren singing with other women and I felt a deep resonance. The thought "Sister witches singing prayers with their whole hearts" came into my head. I felt the desire that all women would ignite the true power and magic of singing their prayers. I imagined a time of people lifting their voices to the heavens in resonance with each other, pouring beauty and love into the air, directly effective the field of reality around them. Seeing that vision lead me to go past what was comfortable- AND now I know how to play ukulele, the group was loving and dear, I felt safe to be a beginner, and now playing music is a daily part of my life. Having such a sweet, easy, fun experience with Bloom Into Song helped me to bond with myself as a musician. What huge treasure that I will take with me. Lauren is an awe-some facilitator who mixes love with silliness and holds an emotionally safe container to explore with vulnerability, patience, and persistence. I could not recommend this course enough. I am forever changed. Thank you Lauren!!!

-Johna, Bloom into Song

Working with Lauren over the past year and a half, I have learned to play a stringed instrument which I really wanted for a long time but found daunting. I have gone from very beginner to writing my own songs and sharing in public and I've made so many discoveries about myself in the process. I have become more comfortable singing and experimenting with others and continue to discover how my voice wants to emerge. I am relaxing my perfectionist and increasing my capacity for play in this sometimes very vulnerable form of expression. I appreciate her authentic expression and the safe and supportive space she holds for women to sing and express. Much needed!

-K.M., Reclaim Your Voice + Shake It Up

Reclaim Your Voice was a liberating experience where I made friends with my voice and shifted my life towards more musicality. Lauren’s wisdom and loving guidance gave me the courage to dive deeply into the blocks and attitudes that kept me from expressing myself vocally and musically. She is a powerful ally on a journey where you learn that we all are singers and songwriters with stories to tell in our own distinct voices.


- Leeta, Reclaim Your Voice + Bloom Into Song

The Reclaim Your Voice group is so powerful that I did it twice! I noticed significant transformation in myself both times, with the second time building on the first. Before the first RYV group, I knew I loved singing, but I was timid in my voice - both in terms of singing and also in terms of speaking my truth. I felt terrified to be vulnerable and put myself out there - to be seen. Every time I opened my voice to sing solo, it felt like I was jumping off a cliff. Through the group, I began to feel my strength and trust my voice. With Lauren's gentle guidance in uncovering emotional and mental blocks, my voice literally began to soar to new heights. I started feeling more sturdy in myself, singing louder and more clearly. A core intention of mine was to become more comfortable in myself so that, in turn, I could feel more comfortable sharing my voice with others. After completing RYV twice, I not only feel more comfortable singing aloud; I have begun to internalize the truth that my voice is a gift. Lauren is an incredibly attuned facilitator; she intuitively knows how to tailor her teaching to the needs of each student, and her freedom within herself ripples out to create a sense of safety for group members to be free in their expression.

- A.H. Reclaim Your Voice

"My experience with Lauren really helped me to open up my voice and creativity. Lauren creates such a deep nurturing space that allowed me to connect to my own voice and clear out the blocks that were in a way of me expressing my deeper self. What I appreciate about Lauren the most is how genuinely excited she is about people opening up their voices. Her enthusiasm and support are so palpable! I will never forget how much joy she had in her eyes when my voice opened up for the first time. It was so precious to me because I never had that support in my life and I believe it helped me tremendously in proceeding with work that was needed to be done in order to get more in touch with my voice. 


Doing that work and opening up is scary. It is scary to let other people really see you. It is vulnerable. It also brings up the deepest wounds from the past. And, when this work is held in a sacred container how it is with Lauren, healing happens. Lauren has this innate wisdom about how to create that sacred space of a ceremony where healing can happen. Healing that lets our female voice come out and were we women feel empowered and that our voice matters. I am forever grateful to her for this experience and wish the same healing for all women on Earth."


"Lauren is a gifted facilitator in the sound, healing arts, and song. I came to Lauren to work on a wound with my music. After working with Lauren I have discovered more confidence and ability to channel my thoughts, emotions, and surroundings into sound. I have been touched and inspired by my work with Lauren to find rhythm and rhyme ever where I go, to start musical improv with friends and to not be afraid of it sounding perfect. The gift I have taken away is resilience and imagination within song sketching, writing, and creation."


"Lauren is a skilled and sensitive coach and guide, who has obviously found her true calling with this work. I am a singer who has been actively performing for years, and Lauren was able to help me hone in on some very specific blocks that I have been working with. I would highly recommend her services no matter where you are in your journey around self expression."


I wanted to share some words of appreciation of you. I was so touched and honored to be able to be a part of the moment we all surrounded you and sung to you and offered your own medicine back to you. Truly, it was so beautiful and such a reflection of how much I have internalized your teachings in a palpable way.

My experience this weekend of singing and sharing myself in the circle the way I did made it so apparent of how far I have come in my journey of feeling like I can trust my voice and share it through singing and speaking/expressing in general. The message I got all weekend was "Trust your Voice" and I am doing it. I want you to know how much I have been touched by you and the work you have done with me, and how clear it is in my heart of the tremendous gift that you are in my life.


I have benefitted tremendously from Lauren's incredibly attuned support and guidance, in her workshops as well as solo sessions. She has helped me meet my fears with love, held space that allowed me to be as messy as I needed to be, and pushed me toward my edge just the right amount, never too much. I have come to a place in using my voice I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams, and am so so grateful. She is kind yet firm, loving and yet unyielding in her support to help one unfold one's fullest self. My appreciation for what I have gained from working with her is profound, and I cannot sing her praises enough! 

Before working with Lauren, I could only sing in the car, or silly kid songs around children. By the end of Lauren's group I was able to perform a song alone in front of the group. It was both terrifying and exhilarating! After the group concluded I realized that I was unable to sing in front of my husband, I'd get so constricted, and I wanted to tackle this block. A few solo sessions later I've overcome that fear and even sang a few songs with him on guitar in front of a group of new friends. Not only did I overcome enormous fears with Lauren's support, but I also realized parts of myself I was unaware of: I think I enjoy an aspect of performance. This realization, and what I've accomplished as a result of working with Lauren would have been completely unimaginable for me just a year an a half ago. It's not an exaggeration to say I feel transformed, freer and more my full self.  I am also seeing the reverberations of this growth in many other areas of my life. I feel immense gratitude for having been given the opportunity to grow and expand my edges in this way! 

-Monica L

Lauren's Reclaim Your Voice group was extraordinarily challenging, but with the requisite intuitive support and guidance for the challenges to be ultimately and profoundly transformative. My journey involved passages through blocks that had been holding me back for as long as I can remember. The second session, in particular, triggered my self-judgment complex such that I had to confront the ways I judge myself for not growing or healing fast enough. Working with these energetic constrictions was immensely hard work, but making it through to the other side of self-love gave me the trust, confidence, and inner capacities to navigate those difficulties when they now arise in my life. The group culminated for me in the final performance. I found myself sitting in front of everyone, faced with an utterly unbridgeable gap between wanting and feeling ready to sing, yet unable to start. The fear of what felt like total failure began coursing through my body. After many failed attempts, I went through waves of sobbing, coughing, and choking. I asked Lauren to sing a note for me to take off on, but each time I would try, I would just end up triggering more energetic releases. Finally, Lauren came over and put her hand on my back and started guiding me somatically and calling in support. Finally and miraculously, I was able to sing one of the songs I had prepared and could immediately feel the impact of this powerful clearing. This experience was a deeply meaningful event in my life and evoked major and lasting shifts. Since then, I still have somatic responses when speaking in front of groups, but can hold space for myself with open curiosity in these moments and be with the feelings rather than abandoning myself, judging myself, disembodying and losing contact with myself, or shutting down. I feel like I have broken the finally barriers to being self-loving and am much more in touch with my creativity; I am filled with overwhelming gratitude for Lauren and the magical groups she offers."


-Erin R.

"Lauren knows exactly where everyone is at and picks them up right there. She is a gifted teacher and full of love and compassion. She has a full toolbox that will help anybody open up their voice and tap into their creativity. I have been working with her for the past year and I have gone from never playing the ukulele to recording my first album right now. While I like doing things fast, this is still pretty fast for me. Thanks for Lauren for being such a gifted and enabling teacher!"



"I received massive shifts relating to my confidence and comfort ability in sharing song and sharing my voice in this group and with my partner which feels really exciting and special and a 180 from where I was.  Lauren holds an incredible taste solid and safe container that really aloud me to get curious about exploring taking more risks in exposing myself to the group and I think this is begging to show up in other ways in my life as well.  Lauren you have been such sweet medicine for me thanks love!!"



"Lauren makes it easy and fun to gently coax the voice open. I've studied with many voice teachers, but Lauren is my TEACHER because she gets the deep spiritual-emotional components of opening the voice. She is sort of like a therapist, healer, priestess, and voice coach all rolled into one. The containers she creates and holds are deep, loving, and clear. 


She is that special breed of leader and mentor who is able to really hold unconditional love and acceptance for all her students, and it feels so good and really helps each person blossom organically.

I've gotten over major fear of singing in front of people through working with Lauren, and the deeper I go into work with her, the more my voice continues opening and sounding sweeter.


After our 3 month Singing Sisterhood group, I've also re-kindled my some practices that had gotten away from me in the past several years, like sitting at my altar daily, and practicing my uke daily, and I'm finally learning how to edit the songs that come to me, so I finish them.


I progressed leaps and bounds on the uke after just one lesson with Lauren, after trying to learn on my own for years, and now I am able to play and sing at the same time, actually use strumming patterns, and get through a whole song. And I know this is only the beginning." 




"Whether you are looking for more inner joy, or deep process work, Lauren will help guide you to that place in your heart.  She will stand by your side while you open to the fear that has kept you from entering those scary dark places inside, and then hold your hand while you enter and integrate the deepest parts of yourself and rejoice in the beauty that is you."  




"This woman lights up my soul!! Lauren was the perfect guide into this realm of sisterhood, song, spirit and silliness! Our group was a profound space of connection and play, empowerment and growth. Such a delight to get to sing and share with these beautiful women, nourishing on the deepest level."




"I am so grateful that my throat chakra blocks brought me to Lauren and her incredible work. She has really been the perfect teacher for me on so many levels and she holds all of her song-birdies with a love and acceptance that is unparalleled in its healing potential."



"Lauren is the REAL deal! Funny, completely embodied, creative, did I mention funny, authentic, and a true healer."




"Lauren is a truly gifted teacher/guide. She is 100% fully present in both group classes as well as private sessions. She has the innate knowing of when to push the edges a little further but also just as important, she knows when to pull back with ease. She creates and holds a completely safe space for self exploration into areas that take courage to explore. The areas of our lives that hold us back that we aren't even aware of. When I signed up for "Reclaim Your Voice" I thought I was looking for "a voice" that I could sing nice pretty songs with confidence in circle. Aha! That's not what I found. I found something so much deeper then I ever could have imagined. I reclaimed MY powerful ancestral voice! A voice that was silenced many moons ago. I reclaimed a part of my soul with Lauren's guidance and compassion. That's how powerful and life changing Lauren's class was for me. I had no idea the depth that "Reclaim Your Voice" would take me within myself. So much love & gratitude for Lauren!" 


-Tamara L.


"Lauren's magic helped me transform from a closet songwriter and singer who was scared to be seen and noticed in the world to one who is sharing my songs publicly online, organizing and performing in open mic events, and now carrying my guitar over my shoulder on the streets with the joy of a child. There is a simple power in being asked to show up and Lauren has crafted such a sweet, natural way to help students like me attempt to show up fully in this life."




"I was already in a process of clearing my body/mind/spirit, but I didn't realize how much junk I had in my system until Lauren's class. I would visualize long strands of black tar coming out of my being as we chanted, sang, meditated, and shared. I must be 100 pounds lighter because of the class! And the resulting self is this pure, joyous, loving, supportive gem that wants to shine with others, love, and have fun. Even better was I got to do this with others and witness their transformation and have them reflect it to me. Wow! The whole world benefits from Lauren's gifts, whether or not they take this class!"


-Genevieve S.


"Lauren Arrow is a living dream! I never join groups and Lauren made a wonderful home for me and my voice. She did such a great job managing the very unique needs of each and every person in the class, while also helping me as an individual feel totally loved and accepted the whole time. I come from a nightmare lineage of fragmented, self-loathing women and Lauren helped me to connect to the True Work that I am doing for myself in this lifetime, my beautiful yet tortured ancestors, and for the freedom future."



This group came at a time when I really needed wise, safe, nurturing holding. I feel blessed to have had the deep connections and supportive feedback from Lauren and the other women, and I feel less harsh with myself as a result. It is so powerful to witness the process of other sisters, and to see that each of us has a different path and a different set of struggles, yet there are common things that we share. It's just helpful to have a supportive container for difficult work! 




Taking the time and energy to share in this group has been one of those things that absolutely shifted my life, and hugely for the better. There's nothing I'd really love more, than to have the opportunity to participate in Lauren's groups consistently, for as long as it is available. I really can't believe how free I've learned to be in my voice and in my body just from the time I've spent in this group. My heart literally just beams when I think of my days spent with Lauren, and even just that thought reminds me of my power and ability to be whatever unique little creature I choose to be! Not only has my voice become stronger, but the spirit within my body has become more bold. More playful. I have less fear around ever feeling unsafe, and am learning - much from this group- how to better assist others in feeling these things as well, by the way I allow myself to just show up as I am in my own truths. In the depth as well as the light. I just feel so blessed to have had this opportunity, and I would most definitely do it again!"



I joined Reclaim Your Voice during my pregnancy because I wanted to feel more connected to myself and my baby. Before I participated in Reclaim Your Voice I was lacking confidence in myself in ways tied directly to my voice. After the intensive, I not only reclaimed by Voice but did so with SO much joy and pleasure! I am so grateful to Lauren and to the other women in the group who witnessed me in my Transformation.

- Allison Ritter


"Lauren is a midwife of song. Because of her guidance, I’ve discovered and claimed a new dimension of my authentic voice, and developed greater self-acceptance. Not only has Lauren helped me access deep layers within, she was a skillful and compassionate guide while exploring these realms. Lauren’s medicine is powerful, playful and true. This work has transformed me. A thousand thank you’s, Lauren!"


-Allison K.


"Before participating in Lauren's Deep Dive workshop I was terrified to sing in public.  My heart would race, my palms would sweat, my breath would shorten and my throat would tighten.  Her workshop provided a safe and nurturing space for me to face my fears and work through my discomforts.  Now it is so much easier for me to perform without anxiety!  I feel calm, grounded, confident and better able to express myself and be heard by others.  This is truly transformational work that has helped me to shine my light in the world.  I am eternally grateful!!!"


- Tiana C.

"Time with Lauren Arrow isn't just a 'singing lesson', it is true vocal awakening!! In fact, for me, it has been Soul awakening, remembering and reclaiming all the parts of me that make up my true Self, full power, and unique offering in the world! From the very first session, Lauren created a very clear, loving, and sacred container for us to work, and for my voice to finally feel the safety it needed to come out and sing. Whether playing sacred instruments, guiding me through mediations and visualizations, or interviewing the different parts of my voice, Lauren exhibited the perfect balance of fierce compassion and gentle, authentic listening. Through our work together, I have released the notion of having a 'pretty' or 'perfect' voice, and instead reclaimed MY voice…which is loud, dark, full of stories, my ancestors, and noises from the depths of places I didn't know existed; And I've only just begun…  I truly cannot wait to see what awaits me on this joyous, playful, and yet totally scary and raw journey of finding my voice. And I couldn't imagine having anyone other than Lauren be my guide!"


-Sarah G.


"Lauren is seriously, not-even-joking-a-little-bit the best. Her warm, playful, compassionate spirit made me feel instantly at home and free to show up as my unfiltered self in class and one-on-one. Her incredible sensitivity and flexibility made her the perfect guide for co-navigating the tricky landscape of my relationship to my voice. I witnessed so much growth in my singing and my life during our time together, and I am incredibly grateful for her skillful facilitation."


-Morgan W.


"Lauren rocks my world!!! She is dynamo, a melter of inner icebergs, an uber inspiring singer, a loving friend!  To be in a six week class with her has been a true blessing.  Much came up for me, and I felt held by her in a beautiful way.  It brings me such joy to know that she is following her calling, and I am deeply grateful.  If there is something about singing that mystifies or scares you, be brave and go for it, because it will illuminate your life patterns in a beautiful way."


- Rossi S.


"Lauren is a guiding light and space-holding magician. Her day-long facilitation was intensive enough for me to address some very deep issues around honest emotional expression while being well contained to feel grounded the whole time. I definitely look forward to working with her again and highly recommend any and all of her workshops. Thank you, Lauren!"


-Julia M.


"Do not be fooled by Lauren's youthful appearance, because her ability to show up as a present, grounded, passionate and playful healer is indicative of wisdom beyond her years. I am a consistent participant in Lauren's group song circles, and have also experienced some of her one-on-one ProcessSing work, and today this day I am still in awe of her ability to create an ambiance for musical magic--and it goes way beyond that. Lauren uses vocal and musical expression as a doorway into a profound exploration of our deepest fears, vulnerabilities and gifts. Through emphasizing the importance of playful improvisation, goofiness, and unapologetic expression, Lauren has helped me peel back my layers of self-doubt and repression, which has in turn allowed me bloom into a more embodied, vibrant and authentic person. Lauren is a musical muse, with the ability to put others at ease by being the first to offer silliness and play into a circle of ExpressSing Participants. "There is no way you can do this wrong", is a standard phrase you might hear her say--and she means it. Part of her skill as a facilitator is in her constant assurance that "mistakes" are an inherent and essential part of the process, because in truth, nothing that you express is wrong, it is all valid. I think that this message is vital--not just in music, but in life. Perfection is not real, and Lauren's work is a complete embodiment of the truth that our real beauty comes from unique nuances and quirks that make up who we are."


-Arielle B.


"This was the most real thing I've done in a long time.  It shook me to the core.  If you are even reading this that means your heart is calling out.   Lauren creates a safe, loving, and non-judgemental environment to allow you to grow through voice and friendship."


-Stephanie W.


This was a very SCARY experience for me. As I mentioned in class I had one of those impossible performance experiences in music school in college where, during an organ performance final I froze and couldn’t remember the note the piece started on. I immediately withdrew from music school and never looked back. Until Lauren’s class. The atmosphere in the class was so nurturing and “forgiving”. I felt so very close to every woman in the class by the end of the day. We all, every single one of us, did such fantastic inner work and work on presenting ourselves to the world through our voices. IT WAS AMAZING!"




"I was blessed to experience Lauren Arrow's powerful gifts and loving heart while we were fellow students in sound healing class as well as at one of her amazing Sound Circles. She invokes that primordial power of the Divine Feminine! She is a creative wellspring of sound and love, inspiring in us all to unleash our own voices and birth our own soul song. What ever fear holds one back from speaking or singing your truth will be held in love and nurtured into being. I highly recommend experiencing her work and her gifts."


-Pamela M.


"For any women who live locally this is an utterly wonderful, voice-liberating, spirit-uplifting, heart-warming, downright fun and transformative evening. Lauren is an incredible vocalist and her loving, playful spirit can move mountains."


-Andrea F.


"Lauren's gentle, steadfast acceptance and her enthusiastic presence creates an irresistibly safe space. She has a way of quickly giving everyone in the room the courage to find her own voice and sing with abandon. As if this weren't enough, her singing workshops are just plain fun."


-Lorna S.

"The Women's ExpressSING and Dive Deep circles are healing, rejuvenating and very powerful. Each time I participate I feel alive, vibrant, and whole. Lauren has a tremendous gift and talent supporting women to express themselves fully and authentically. She helps women feel comfortable and confident while shining in their truth. The women in these circles are open, loving and supportive. I couldn't be more grateful."


-Mary Luz O.


"I have been participating in Lauren's singing circles this spring and am totally delighted and inspired by her way to dive into the vocal and body expressions. I am myself a Tamalpa Expressive Arts Graduate and have been working with both vocals and movement as a freelancer. Lauren's beautiful inspirational delivery kindles the best of each participant in her work shops. Attending her events gives an energy boost that lasts long!"


-Sari Johanna H.


"Always wanted to sing but were too scared? Lauren can take you to a place where fear turns into exhilaration. If you perform a lot, her work can lead you to a deeper connection to your songs." 


-Suzanne S.


"Lauren is a very gifted facilitator. In her compassionate and nonjudgemental manner, she masterfully encourages people to come out and express themselves, and to just have fun with singing-- to not be concerned about being "perfect". It's the most fun I've ever had in a singing class. My inner child loves the opportunity to come out and play and be free! I recommend it to everyone-- of all singing skils."


-Gail K.


"A few days ago I got really triggered. I felt more angry and depressed than I have in years after a challenging conversation. What helped me the most was SINGING!!! I had a mind blowing, anger releasing, heart softening 20 minutes (I can't believe it was only 20 minutes) with a powerful woman named Lauren Arrow.  There was a specific moment when I could feel the shift FROM my emotions driving the song to my LIFE FORCE singing. I started to feel heard again. So grateful for the sensation of creating!"




Lauren is an exquisite soul and is able to hold the possibilities of what arise in a Women's’ circle to create the most loving experience. The yummy opening energy that I harnessed from these groups carried me through the week opening new doors and experiences. It’s truly a transformational experience working with Lauren. I noticed after working with Lauren that I gained awareness of my skill. I also was able to connect with my voice and modulate to get a better tune. I could feel the music inside me and here it such that I could express better.  I try to sing with Lauren anytime I can!

-Katie McKee



I have so much gratitude for these wonderful sessions together. I’ve grown more then I could have imagined from finding my souls voice and listening to it with your guidance. Powerful, powerful stuff you are doing to bring beauty into this world through sound and voice healing. I am so thankful for you!!





I met Lauren in August 2016 and fell in love with her being and her voice! I thought wow, I want to be her. And then I got to spend an amazing month with her and other lovely women in her Reclaim Your Voice class in 2018. I was freed! I found my voice and found that my songs and my voice touch other people. Unleashing my voice was about more than just me. It was/is about shining so others can see how to do it. Plus, I wrote the CUTEST song about myself and the journey of healing myself and my self expression. I didn’t even know that was in me and Lauren, with her sweet, sweet love, evoked it from my heart! I am forever grateful for her and made some life long sisters in the class too!!!


-Julia Casillas

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