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Would you like to share your voice but are afraid?

Singing can be scary! Heck, just speaking can be terrifying!

Negative experiences, shame when we were young, cultural conditioning & ancestral baggage can really constrict our sense of self-expression. Together, we create a space for you to explore the fears, the criticisms & judgements around your voice to become a more liberated, expressed version of yourself.

"Hi Lauren - I’ve been thinking about our session for days now- it was so massively potent. It was one of the deepest and most powerful healing sessions I’ve had.  I am filled with immense GRATITUDE for what you gave me.

You bring a presence and openness to WHAT IS that is extremely rare, and I felt completely safe to let it all out with you.  I don’t say this lightly:  I’ve worked with many many people, and you have something that not many have.  In the day that followed, I felt light emerging from my throat at times.  Also physical twinges and adjustments in there.  I am convinced something shifted in my neck.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and soul for what you guided me to be with.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Monica, One-on-one sessions + Reclaim Your Voice

"Lauren’s warmth, kindness, skill and versatility were all wonderful gifts to me but they were not the deepest gift. Her intuition about how to touch, draw out and bring to expression deep and unknown parts of me was extraordinary.  She worked very hard to shine light in the corners of my heart that fear to be seen—the deep, poignant, and painful parts of me that yearn to be known. She has a blessed gift. What words of gratitude can I offer to she who gives me me?"


- Tim, One-on-one Vocal Guidance 2019

"Lauren is a gifted facilitator in the sound, healing arts, and song. I came to Lauren to work on a wound with my music. After working with Lauren I have discovered more confidence and ability to channel my thoughts, emotions, and surroundings into sound. I have been touched and inspired by my work with Lauren to find rhythm and rhyme ever where I go, to start musical improv with friends and to not be afraid of it sounding perfect. The gift I have taken away is resilience and imagination within song sketching, writing, and creation."


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