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Join the Sacred Singing Sisterhood with these monthly evening music groups! Learn sacred songs & sing alongs and be guided by Lauren Arrow and assisted by Ila Cantor, musician extraordinairre. Have fun while learning- playing music doesn't have to be hard or scary! 


Please have a basic understanding of your instrument of choice. This means knowing basic chords: A-G. Be able to switch between chords with fluidity. This group is not meant for people who want to get hella good at playing an instrument but are more interested in learning songs and being able to accompany themselves.

Click here to schedule an interview if you haven't worked with Lauren before! 

The group is $650 for the year and includes 12 groups once/month in Fairfax from 6-8pm. 



“... profoundly transformative ...deeply meaningful event if my life and evoked major and lasting shifts...I have finally broken the barriers to being self-loving and am much more in touch with my creativity; I am filled with overwhelming gratitude for Lauren and the magical groups she offers.” -Erin R.


“...I reclaimed MY powerful ancestral voice!... I reclaimed part of my soul with Lauren’s strength and compassion...” -Tamara L.

Click here for more testimonials! :D

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