Both hardcover + PDF come with online library of 40+ songs & 20+ video tutorials.


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The 2nd Edition of the Soulful Singing Sisterhood Songbook is OUT! The Soulful Singing Sisterhood offers you a doorway into the divine via the entry point of your voice. For as long as we have been in community, humans have been connecting with higher vibrational states through singing. This book is a consciously woven tapestry of traditional songs, prayers, as well as songs received by our own local sisters and brothers. It includes 135+ songs with easy-to-play chords, many of the songs simplified for accessibility. 

This songbook also comes with an online library of 40+ songs in the book recorded so you can listen to my interpretation and play + sing along, as well as 20+ video tutorials so you can play along and learn the songs with ease (more added monthly).

This songbook comes in two formats- PDF and a physical copy. Both come with the online library of songs and tutorials. Happy playing!

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