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an online group for folks wanting to

reignite connection to their creative spark 

Weekly on Mondays from 10am-11:30am PST
12 Sessions Starting Jan 22 thru April 1st

January 22, 29
February  5, break, 19, 26
March 4, break, 18, 25
April 1

- artists way integration 

- community support around our tendencies for distraction and disconnection

- daily practice assistance 

- show & tell encouragement circles

It happens to the best of us: between the intensity of the world to complications with being a freekin' human in 2024(!), it's easier than ever to want to check out of reality. The amount of time we can spend distracting ourselves is astounding, and the mounting pressure of not being 'all in' with life can literally suck the energy out of us. 

We are all creative beings, and our birthright is to create. Unfortunately, mainstream society is not intended on creating a supportive environment to allow our creativity to bloom and nourish ourselves.

Our connection with our creativity needs tending. Just as gardening requires a near daily commitment to the well-being of the plant, so too is our commitment to nurturing and harnessing our creative spirit. This is a near daily practice, and as long as we are desiring to be in a healthy balance with the creative world it is imperative to put in the work. And it's really hard to do alone. 

This three month group will guide us through Julia Cameron's "The Artists Way", a 12-week guide to creative recovery. In addition to navigating this incredible work, we will also explore in community the ways where we distract ourselves, make excuses, or need to heal in order to live a life that feels in alignment with our creative center. As a community we will support each other in creating milestones and goals for this time together, and will encourage each other's creativity through show-and-tell circles.

If this sounds like some thing that your heart and soul have been yearning for, we would absolutely love to have you.

frequently asked queries

Q: What if I don't consider myself creative? I don't play any instruments, I don't sing, I don't draw… 

A: Thank you for the question! I will respond with a question: have you ever wanted to play an instrument? Sing? Draw? Did you use to be creative but aren't any longer? Just because you haven't done it doesn't mean the desire doesn't live inside of you. (Wow that line is a doozie). Anything can be creative – from cooking to gardening to roller skating to creating make up tutorials on TikTok to organizing a space… creativity doesn't have to be just an artistic venture. Creativity is your innate nature to connect and grow with the world around you.

If it's hard to think of ways in which your spirit wants to be creative, lets use a tool from the Artists Way: make a list of 10 professions you wish to do in another life. Once you have that list, choose the one that feels the most appealing to you. What is it? When I was first starting this process, I chose professional chef because I absolutely love cooking but I don't give myself enough time for it. That week, my goal was to do research on different foods I wanted to make, create a menu, go shopping, and cook delicious nurturing foods for myself and loved ones. It was all kinds of fun, and absolutely harnessed creative energy. 

Q: What if I want to create, but I have a lot of blocks or fears around it?

A: Then my friend, this group was built for you! Julia Cameron utilizes a lot of exploration into the fears of stepping into our creative selves. It's scary, unknown, daunting territory, but I promise you if you've had the desire to do something creative for a while it won't go away. Your spirit knows what it needs to dive deeper into this life and all you have to do is say yes and do the hard work. 

For example, if you used to play music when you were younger, but dealt with setbacks, fears, people being unsupportive, general trauma, etc. – we might not start this process with playing music. We might explore something a little more accessible like: going to the gym, taking a walk, cleaning the kitchen, writing poetry, making a shitty drawing or doing something different with your facial hair. Only when we've created a safe environment would we start exploring the music. 

Q: What if I don't really have a lot of fears or distractions but just want a community structured around supporting creative endeavors? 

A: That's awesome too! Not all of us have a ton of gunk around our creativity and we just want to be in a nurturing and supportive environment. We'd love to have you join us. 

Q: Do I have to come to all sessions? What happens if I miss one? 

A: It's definitely not the end of the world, but highly encouraged to try and make all sessions. We will have an online discord where we share our work and explorations for the week, but I will not be recording the groups unless enough folks ask.

Q: Whats this gonna cost me?

A: I'm offering this group sliding scale between $300 and $900, whatever is available for you. I also have a limited number of scholarship spots available if you're needing more financial support.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: By registering here!

Ovamonials from the Spring Artist's Way Group

Thank you Lauren, for starting this, bringing such incredibly quality women together, your huge heart and soul —- all the things. And your humor! Your gentle facilitating… this was just wonderful on so many levels and quite literally the answer to a long-standing prayer… KH

Thank you so much for creating and holding this container. The Artist's Way has been a tough process for me to complete on my own and the accountability of the group was invaluable. NM

My exploration of the Artist's Way, facilitated brilliantly by Lauren, illuminated the beautiful and powerful creative essence we are all born with. It also carefully laid out the internal work needed to release ourselves from societal, familial, and historical labels that shackle our creativity. I plan on continuing to reclaim and renew my artist spirit while also exploring the dark caverns and bright lights that will create pathways for me to embrace a life filled with creative purpose, joy, self-love/care, and an amazing community of fellow journey seekers and creators. MA

Lauren is a natural leader. She brings together like minds of wonderful folx. I am looking forward to continuing connection and feel grateful for her generous offerings! LA

Lauren!!!!!! You are the best guide i could imagine for this work! Top notch integrity! LP

I love your dedicated, relaxed, authentic, good-humored, passionate and transparent way of facilitating, Lauren. Shine on! KC

Thank you for committing to create this space for us, Lauren. I would not have been able to complete the book or the experience without the group. SH

I loved our group! I really appreciated all the time getting to connect with other wonderful women in breakout rooms and the way that you structured the flow of calls, I thought that worked great. SF

This was great. Thank you so much for creating it. I really enjoyed your combination of firm boundaries and creation of space for input. MF

YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!! Yes yes yes!!! Thank you thank you thank you <3 VB

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