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We all hold sacred song in our heart. The question is: do we give ourselves permission to freely share this song? Come together in a safe, closed women's group to explore the Magick created through weaving song together and opening to channeling/improvisation. Deep and lasting transformations can happen through this ancient art of singing!


Join us in creating song together, learning sacred music and chanting, clearing vocal and creativity blocks and opening to receive song. Move through the year with Wiccan holidays that celebrate the natural cycles with Cacao Ceremonies that follow suit. Create deep and lasting sisterhood through song, spirit, and self inquiry. 

Group limited to 13 women


3 Day Long Sacred Sisterhood Retreats & Cacao Ceremonies 

3 Evening Vocal Opening Groups

Optional addition: 3 one-on-one sessions with Lauren

Optional addition: Private Women's Solstice Meditation with Ali Maya

Also Included:

Specialized homework

"Reclaim Your Voice" Video Series

Sacred Singing Sisterhood Membership

Improvisational practice jams

Song tutorial videos


Ovamonials for the 13 Moons Sacred Singing Sisterhood:


"Lauren knows exactly where everyone is at and picks them up right there. She is a gifted teacher and full of love and compassion. She has a full toolbox that will help anybody open up their voice and tap into their creativity. I have been working with her for the past year and I have gone from never playing the ukulele to recording my first album right now. While I like doing things fast, this is still pretty fast for me. Thanks for Lauren for being such a gifted and enabling teacher!" -Alex

"I received massive shifts relating to my confidence and comfort ability in sharing song and sharing my voice in this group and with my partner which feels really exciting and special and a 180 from where I was.  Lauren holds an incredible taste solid and safe container that really aloud me to get curious about exploring taking more risks in exposing myself to the group and I think this is begging to show up in other ways in my life as well.  Lauren you have been such sweet medicine for me thanks love!!" -Naomi

"Lauren makes it easy and fun to gently coax the voice open. I've studied with many voice teachers, but Lauren is my TEACHER because she gets the deep spiritual-emotional components of opening the voice. She is sort of like a therapist, shaman, priestess, and voice coach all rolled into one. The containers she creates and holds are deep, loving, and clear. 


She is that special breed of leader and mentor who is able to really hold unconditional love and acceptance for all her students, and it feels so good and really helps each person blossom organically.

I've gotten over major fear of singing in front of people through working with Lauren, and the deeper I go into work with her, the more my voice continues opening and sounding sweeter.


After our 3 month Singing Sisterhood group, I've also re-kindled my some practices that had gotten away from me in the past several years, like sitting at my altar daily, and practicing my uke daily, and I'm finally learning how to edit the songs that come to me, so I finish them.


I progressed leaps and bounds on the uke after just one lesson with Lauren, after trying to learn on my own for years, and now I am able to play and sing at the same time, actually use strumming patterns, and get through a whole song. And I know this is only the beginning." -Regina


"Whether you are looking for more inner joy, or deep process work, Lauren will help guide you to that place in your heart.  She will stand by your side while you open to the fear that has kept you from entering those scary dark places inside, and then hold your hand while you enter and integrate the deepest parts of yourself and rejoice in the beauty that is you."  -Lauri


"This woman lights up my soul!! Lauren was the perfect guide into this realm of sisterhood, song, spirit and silliness! Our group was a profound space of connection and play, empowerment and growth. Such a delight to get to sing and share with these beautiful women, nourishing on the deepest level." -Leslie


"I am so grateful that my throat chakra blocks brought me to Lauren and her incredible work. She has really been the perfect teacher for me on so many levels and she holds all of her song-birdies with a love and acceptance that is unparalleled in its healing potential." -Sundew

“...I reclaimed MY powerful ancestral voice!... I reclaimed part of my soul with Lauren’s strength and compassion...” -Tamara L.

Click here for more testimonials! :D

Sunday Sacred Sisterhood Day-Long Retreat & Cacao Ceremony

October 8th (TBD)

November 5th (Berkeley)

December 3rd (Berkeley)

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Evening Vocal Opening Groups from 6-9 in Fairfax

October 17th

November 14th

December 12th

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