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What the Ukuladies are saying about Lauren's groups:

"...I have been working with her for the past year and I have gone from never playing the ukulele to recording my first album right now." -Alex

"...I progressed leaps and bounds on the uke after just one lesson with Lauren, after trying to learn on my own for years, and now I am able to play and sing at the same time, actually use strumming patterns, and get through a whole song. And I know this is only the beginning." -Regina

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Ukulady Instrument Groups Thursday Evenings in Fairfax from 6-8

March 2nd

March 30th

May 4th

June 1st

July 6th

August 3rd

September 7th

October 5th

November 2nd

December 7th

January: OFF
February: 1st (May change due to closeness of SSS)

March 1st

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Join the Sacred Singing Sisterhood with these monthly evening music groups! Learn sacred songs & sing alongs and be guided by Lauren Arrow and assisted by Ila Cantor, musician extraordinairre. Have fun while learning- playing music doesn't have to be hard or scary! 


Please have a basic understanding of your instrument of choice. This means knowing basic chords: A-G. Be able to switch between chords with fluidity. This group is not meant for people who want to get hella good at playing an instrument but are more interested in learning songs and being able to accompany themselves. We will also be exploring basic music theory, rhythm, and harmony.

Click here to schedule an interview if you haven't worked with Lauren before!  The group is $650 for the year and includes 12 groups once/month in Fairfax from 6-8pm. 

While I have a background in music, my partner Ila Cantor is a highly trained jazz guitarist with a huge heart. She approaches music much differently than I do and will be bringing her specialized version of teaching into our groups.

From Ila: Our classes will focus on fundamental concepts of music including rhythm, ear-training, chord theory, and keys. We will learn how to apply these concepts to your ukulele in ways that will expand your creative possibilities as well as give you a solid guideline on how to improve your technique if you choose to. The understanding of how music works is not contradictory to creativity! In fact, you will find that the more you learn about the language, the more you grow to appreciate the music that you hear and eventually create, and it’s this growing appreciation that is the secret ingredient to inspiration! I look forward to journeying with you!

For $300 + a $45 hardcopy of the songbook you can take this class anytime and anywhere, either during the group or after it's been recorded. Have access to the songs and stay connected with our facebook group. You don't have to be local to join in the fun!

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